I did some heavy duty work yesterday for all of 7 hours straight through. Although I felt pretty good at the finish, I could feel a bit of tension coming on. As the evening went on and conversation with a friend continued into a discussion around inequality my tension and stress heightened. By bedtime my neck and shoulders were stiff and pain and discomfort began to set in. The mistake was going to bed in that condition. I woke up in a great deal of discomfort……sooo… To The Sauna I Went!! Whenever, I feel stiffness and muscle pain I know that our Far-InfraRed Sauna will get rid of it safely and quickly. The Far-InfraRed rays are one of the rays of the sun that are the healthiest. They penetrate into your skin deeply and dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. Infrared rays vitalize your body and metabolism. The waves penetrate deep into our body for deep heating action allowing the body to activate sweat glands. Sweat glands offer one of the few mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins and since the skin is the largest organ in the human body it is apparently one of the best means for elimination. When the waves are applied to water molecules these molecules begin to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds and the eventual breakdown of water molecules causing encapsulated gases and other toxic materials to be release. What I love about this far-infrared sauna is it works at the cellular level so it can’t get any deeper than that. I feel soooo much better now!