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When we think about great health, there is a definite image that instantly occurs for most of us! My wonder is why it seems to be a task that is just too complicated to take on for most people. Where is the disconnect? Or are we looking at this through the wrong lens? Are people addicted to convenience?

So many people say they want great health! Yet, when they realize they may have to give up some unhealthy habits; when they realize they have to put in some work on their end, it then becomes to them what seems to be an inconvenient or unattainable accomplishment. They don’t know themselves to be the powerful human beings they really are until they are given a death sentence. Then, instinct kicks in and they do everything they can to save their lives?

It is my contention that the body can rid or heal itself of almost anything. Broken Bones, Cancers, Mental Compromises, Diabetes, High Blood pressure are just a few things that people with intention have healed without medical intervention.

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To be clear, I am not saying that the medical community is not important or effective, but I am saying that there is lost integrity in the system. People have lost their faith due to the lack of integrity, the lack of knowledge about the human body and most of all financial motivation proving to be more important than truly healing. And then you have those of us, who are passionate about the Hippocratic Oath “To thy patient, do no Harm”.

The human body is a remarkably, intuitively designed, self-contained, self-regulated biological entity that when given the proper environment to thrive, does so with extraordinary skill. When the temples are treated with integrity, care and love it gives that right back to its’ owner. The abuse and daily exposures to toxins of all types, is proof of how resilient and strong the body is.

It is our contention that anything can be turned around and reset given the proper circumstances and environment. In each case, a number of restorative processes are explored to see what fits each individual persons’ circumstance and what they are dealing with. No two people are alike, and each person must be managed as the individual that they are, investigating all aspects and habits of their life to determine what is contributing to the break down.

From there, an individualized program can be created to begin proper restoration of their health and well-being. All of facets of their life, physical, mental, physiological, psychological and spiritual that could be impacting imbalance must be explored and re-balanced.

Then, and only then can the process of rebuilding begin to have a lasting impact to create homeostasis.

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