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Essential Oil Treatment




Perfume has always been a status symbol often signifying a person’s status and wealth. Since the days of the pharaoh, essential oils were an important part of wellness. Oils were highly revered and played a very significant role in ancient Egyptian society.

Perfume also played a big role when it came to the mummification process when preparing a body for burial in ancient Egypt. Scented oils have been in use since as early as 10,000 BCE. They were often used to help with body odor as well as to soften the skin. Some of the most common scents used among Egyptians in these ancient times were thyme, lavender, peppermint, cedar, rose, and almond oil. So, they were used in both death and in life.

Essential oils were often used in ancient Egyptian times for cleanliness as well. It wasn’t something reserved just for the elite and wealthy either; it was a practice recognized by all classes. Body oil was applied daily to the skin to moisturize and protect the skin. Sometimes it was even given in place of wages to the lower-class workers. Unpleasant smells were linked to impurity, while good smells implied a more sacred presence.

Perfumes and essential oils are definitely invaluable and play a big role in understanding ancient Egyptian times and their culture. While good smells were associated with holiness, today we link pleasant smells to status and wellness.

The various oils extracted from numerous species of plants provide so many health benefits from breathing, sleeping, weight management, calm & relaxation to helping manage a number of health and well-being issues through inhalation, physical application as well as some having internal ingestion compatibility.


Essential oils can provide antibiotic, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory relief. Other oils have such a beautiful fragrant release that they can alter the senses in such a way as to totally reset the physical state to a place of peace and calm. Aromatherapy is one way to get the benefits of multiple essential oils in one setting.

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