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It is now becoming a well-known fact that the food we eat has a significant impact on our health & well-being. However, there is so much more to this food phenomena than we originally realized. So many documentaries have emerged exposing the raw truth about our food industry and people are beginning to be more proactive in taking responsibility for that part of their health.

The real fact is that the body simply cannot flourish without Proper nutrients much like a car can’t go without the proper fuel. We have been enculturated to believe that we must eat a lot of food to exist. The truth is, overeating has been one of the biggest health issues in this country. It has only been through recent research that it has become evident that the way we eat in the U.S. can possibly be detrimental to our health as opposed to being healthy and sustaining.

There are so many areas where there has been false and/or misinformation given about the foods we eat and our eating habits. What we do know is that the body does not require as much food as we were originally taught. As a matter of fact, research has revealed that it is highly important that our bodies have a period of rest from eating to allow proper digestion activity to occur as well as having a period for cellular regeneration and rebuilding of damage that may have occurred during the day.

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Also, overeating can create a host of uncomfortable conditions that could otherwise be avoided if one took a more responsible approach to portions of food. It also has been discovered that when we eat; or more specifically when we start and stop eating can really have a major impact on whether we live a healthy life or a life of dis-ease and ill-health. This phenomenon is in keeping with understanding our Circadian time-clock.

The fast foods and packaged, process foods are not naturally nutrient rich in what the body requires to produce new cells or create the fuel it needs to sustain itself. And, as mentioned earlier and quite surprising to most, the body only requires a small amount of food to be survive; the right foods, so, overeating can be just as detrimental to your life and longevity as eating the wrong foods.

Our food acts as our medicine. And food is just one small part of the overall picture. A fine balance is what is required and, unfortunately, the society we now live in does not support a healthy lifestyle as much as it supports a healthy, wealthy economy, no matter what it takes.

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