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Far Infrared Sauna, considered the Rolls Royce of sauna treatment systems, is a highly effective and extremely deep method of detoxing. It assists the body in purging and cleansing itself of toxins and impurities. This occurs when the body begins excessive sweating during a 30- minute sauna session and the dumping of toxins, eliminating all the way to the cellular level. It can be compared to a heavy workout session promoting excessive sweating but with less physical exertion.

The human body is so extraordinary! and, in its’ optimal healthy state, has the ability to intuitively rid itself of many invasive situations. An unhealthy body’s cleansing system is typically compromised and clogged with toxins, that when not released can turn into boils, tumors, cancers, and other biological and biochemical disorders which eventually compromise the body. It is a gradual, sometimes un-noticeable process that sneaks up, and very often by the time one becomes aware of a problem, a great deal of damage has already begun.

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The sauna can be used with other methods of detoxing such as Fasting, another great and safe way of resetting your body. By using this method, the body’s systems and organs are temporarily turned down or off, allowing them to rest, reset and regenerate. This allows the body’s own intuitive healing ability to concentrate solely on flushing out unwanted impurities without having the burden of managing the biological operations of organs and systems.

There are many methods of moving toxins out of the body: Ionic Foot Baths, Tissue Manipulation or Therapeutic Massage, resetting your Circadian Rhythm, Meditation, being in Dialogue or Share/Dialogue Therapy, Managing EMF Exposure and so much more. It’s all individualized because no two people are alike.


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