Coaching Programs

The coaching programs are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Some people require more support in a variety of areas. Others require an initial jumpstart and then a brief period of monitoring and support.

My program involves gathering detailed information about your health and habits. I gather personal contact information, health history, a full scope of information related to and impacting your health & wellbeing. A customized program is then created to address what is determined to be impacting the overall balance.

An initial consultation is imperative to come to be able to determine a plan that is right for you. My clients must be willing to commit to at least 3 months is to see measurable results. There is a great deal of preparation on the front end of the sessions to prepare for smooth transitions into these very effective programs. And as you know, there is no success without your full commitment and cooperation after you have reviewed your program protocols.

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Coaching Program Details

Consultation Call

During this 1 hour call I will be gathering the necessary information to create your plan. It will also offer you insight to the imbalances present and the next steps you need to move forward. After the call you will receive a written summary of the call with a breakdown of your imbalance and the next steps you need to take to get well. This is an detailed discovery call to determine if my services fit your needs.

*** If you choose to sign up for one of my ongoing coaching programs, the balance of this consultation will be applied to your coaching investment.

Via Phone or Zoom (preferred)

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3 Month Coaching Program

The first 4 weeks of coaching are the most prolific and is where the majority of the value is earned.

Your First Month of Coaching includes:

  • Kitchen and Refrigerator Re-commitment
  • Virtual Kitchen Discovery Tour and Re-organization
  • Food Shopping
  • Appliance and Kitchen Needs
  • Natural Supplemental Support Recommendation
  • Meal Planning
  • Teaching Meal Preps
  • Water Integrity
  • Internal Body Discovery & Repair
  • Emotional Roadblock Petite Therapy
  • Sleep Analysis & Practices
  • Exercise/Movement Analysis
  • Relaxation Practice Analysis
  • Intimacy Analysis

During that time we will also have weekly coaching calls, and as part of your program, I share a host of resources as well as recommendations of various health appliances, apps, and treatments.

After the first 4 weeks we will continue to have weekly coaching calls to develop consistency, commitment & dedication to their health improvement process.

***Monthly Assessment and Progress Conversation at the end of each 4 weeks

Month to Month Coaching Option:

Please inquire about alternative designs which could assist with what you are dealing with. This option will not include many of the offerings that are included in the traditional 3-month treatment plan but will provide enough support to get to a more balanced place in life. Plan is on a month to month basis.

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