Studies show that Babysitting Grandchildren may help to decrease the risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease. I can definitely tell you that being with our grandchildren always has us on our toes!! And we have 9!!!! (11). We have to be quick thinkers, quick on our feet, have a schedule that works for us all, create activities for the kids to avoid boredom, keep them active with exercise, i.e. hiking, biking, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, have learning opportunities, assist with bath time for the little ones, cook together, dance together, discipline,……You Name It…we have probably done It. Grandparents who babysit grandkids live longer than same age adults without child-rearing responsibilities, according to recent research. The study, which looked at 500 adults ages 70 and older, shows that grandparents who babysat regularly had a 37 percent lower mortality risk than adults who did not.

Taking on the occasional task certainly keeps us